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News > Seminar on “ Building Bridges Through Education”

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Seminar on “ Building Bridges Through Education”

Seminar on “ Building Bridges Through Education”

27th September 2008 at Sirifort Auditorium



A seminar was organized by Darshan Education Foundation under the Presidentship of Sant Rajinder Sigh ji Maharaj in which Mr. Tejendra Khanna the Hon’ble Governor of Delhi was the Chief Guest, Dr. Karim Najafi the Cultural Counsellor of the Islamic Republic of Iran was the distinguished speakers alongwith Ms. Aarti Mehra the Mayor of Delhi and Padma Vibhusan Geeta Chandran.


Darshan Education Foundation is named after the mystic poet Darshan Shingh ji Maharaj. Mr. Sant Rajinder Singh was born in India and received his Master degree in Engineering in the U.S.A and had a distinguished career in Science and technology. His efforts towards peace and education have been formally recognized by many world leaders. Some of the most notable includes :- 1) Peace Award by the Interfaith Centre of New York, 2) The Medal of Culture Merit from the National Minister of Education in Bogota, Colombia and the Award of Distinction for his international work for the benefit of humanity and 3) An Award for bridging Science and Spirituality facilitating human unity through communication.


Darshan Academy created a unique system for bringing Peace, Unity, love and Spirituality by establishing a network of schools that offer students a holistic educational system. Children enjoys an holistic education. In addition to that it also promotes ethical and spiritual values common to all religions.

          The programme was started with the lightning of lamp by Sant Maharaj, Mr. Tejendra Khanna and Dr. Karim Najafi.

          Students of Darshan Academy extended a welcome by staging a drama covering Hindu, Muslims and Christianity belief.



Mr. Maharaj welcomed the personalities on the dias and thanks them for participating in this seminar. He said that we have a spiritual side and an intellectual and physical side. When we achieve a harmonious blending of all these, then we become a fully integrated human being and then our own full potential is realized. He further said that if we include some spiritual teachings in our educational systems throughout the world then we would have love and compassion. The real aim of Education is to develop the character and individuality of her pupil his or her minds, will and soul power. The best education is that which teaches us that the end of knowledge is service. It is important that the spiritual and ethical values of life are taught properly. 


Mr. Tejinder Khanna the lieutenant Governor of Delhi mentioned in his speech that children should be allowed, to preserve and develop the gifts of purity, of simplicity, of wonder, of concentration and love with they are born.


The necessity to impart education, focusing on peace shared values, good human qualities, tolerance and mutual understanding is much more relevant today than ever before. Educational institution have a definite role to play to serve as wheels of peace, understanding and tolerance by imparting value based education for inculcating qualities like compassion in public life and contentment in personal life to usher in an era of peace.

He thanks the organizer for organizing the seminar when world is passing through pathology of violence and crisis of character.


         The coordinator of the Seminar addressed Dr. Karim Najafi as a great historian, author of various books and an important personality who has revive and revitalize Indo-Iran Society after a gap of yrs.

The coordinator further added that Dr. Karim Najafi is also the Member of Indian History Congress, International Association of Media and Communication and Research and lastly the Member of Indian Sociological Society. He requested Dr. Karim Najafi to express his views :






In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Respected sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, Hon’ble Mr. Tejendra Khanna, the Governor of Delhi, Madam Aarti Gupta, the Mayor of Delhi and distinguished guests and my dear friends.


It is indeed a great pleasure for me to find myself in the midst of important personalities on the occasion of seminar on “Building Bridges through Education” and the credit goes to Mr. A.K. Sachdeva, the President of the Foundation.    I am also thankful to Prof. Chandrasekhar of Delhi University for informing me about the academic activities of this foundation.

          It is really encouraging to go through the book “Mauje Noor”,(موج نور) “Jaddeye Noor”(جاده نور) and “Manzel-e-Noor”,(منزل نور) published by Sawan Kirpal publications. The contents are very enlightened one and thought provoking.

          I hope, the mission which this foundation has taken will surely benefit the society and will give strength and inspiration to the younger generation to adopt and promote the eternal values and practices of love, Unity and Peace with focus on ethical and spiritual development. I am sure that the Darshan Education Foundation will try to provide an education that embraces all aspects of a child being, enabling them to meet challenges and lead a life with knowledge supported by wisdom, ethical values and good decision making skills.

          Without taking much of your time, I want to say that giving education to the masses and removing darkness from their lives is the noblest task on the earth.


         Today, world is passing through a very difficult phase and is observing violence and all sorts of inhuman behaviors. There has been decline of value system. It is in this context, I appreciate the initiative of Darshan Education Foundation for organizing this seminar.

The necessity to give Education focusing on peace, good qualities and mutual understanding is more relevant today than ever before. True education does not only mean acquiring knowledge but how to use that knowledge in building bridges through education. We should try to create a unique system of education for bringing different communities and followers of different religions on one platform in order to bring peace, unity, love and spirituality. We should try to lead a life of humility, a life of compassion and a life of purity.

          The Researchers have come to the conclusion that regardless of the origin’s, historical or geographical concentration it is clear that some values like truth, love and kindness are shared by all the main religions.

          In Islam, knowledge is identified as worship and it is obligatory for every Muslim male and female to seek knowledge.

(طلب العلم فریضه علی کل مسلم و مسلمه)

Islam has laid too much importance on Education and Knowledge and is regarded as divinely light or Noor. The word of Noor is the best symbol of guidance which is selected for the books of Darshan Education Foundation because by the guidance of the Noor we can reach to the reality of the existence as we see in the Holy Qur’an and in the following narration :

(الله نورالسموات والارض)

God is the light of skies and the earth

یا نورالنور  -   یا منور النور  -   یا خالق النور  -    یا مدبرالنور  - یا مقدرالنور – یا نور کل نور  یا نوراً قبل کل نور – یا نوراً بعد کل نور – یا نوراً فوق کل نور – یا نوراً لیس کمثله نور


It has been said that there is no boundary for learning. If situation permits one can go to any corner of the world for receiving the education of Science and Spirituality. One has to learn from the cradle to the grave. (اطلبواالعلم من المحد الی اللحد) According to the Islamic narration knowledge is divided into two parts : The Science of Physical Knowledge and Religious one (Spiritual) and the real education or knowledge is the second one.:

(العلم علمان علم الابدان و علم الادیان)

          God grants knowledge with whom he pleases and fill his heart with abundance of knowledge. Majority of the sayings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) relates to knowledge. The first surah which was revealed in the holy Quran is about knowledge.

اقرا بسم ربک الذی خلق اقراء وربک الاکرم الذی علم بالقلم)

          So, the greatest gift from Almighty is knowledge and education and one cannot understand God without the proper education.  It has been mentioned in the Islamic tradition that ‘one hour of positive thinking is better than 70 years of worshiping.

(تفکر ساعه خیر من عباده سبعین سنه)

For the importance of the education and training God has signified the position and importance of pen in the guidance of humanity.

(ن والقلم وما یسطرون)

(Noon. I swear by the pen and what the angels write,)


A person without education is like some one walking along a track in complete darkness. Our greatest danger lies in our ignorance.

          In brief, I want to highlight the cultural activities of Islamic Republic of Iran and Iran Culture House in order to bring Unity among different Nations and Communities. A Unity week is organized on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Holy Prophet (PBUH) in which various religious leaders and scholars used to participate. The Islamic Republic of Iran was the first country that started the process of Dialogue Among Civilizations.

          The Centre of Interfaith Dialogue in Iran is also playing an important role in bridging the gap by organizing International seminars. At our centre also various national and International seminars are being held on Unity. Two years back a national seminar took place on “Dialogue between Islam and Hinduism” and before that Dialogue between Islam and Christianity. We are thinking to organize a seminar on Dialogue between Islam, Sikhism and Buddhism and other Eastern Religions in future and will like to have your participation also.

          As you must be knowing that Persian language remains the court language of India from 12th Century AD to 19th Century and it is not possible to know the history of India during this period without knowing the Persian. Persian poetry also preached the language of peace, brotherhood and mysticism which we can find in the collection of the mystical poems of Persian Poetry and Literature published by Darshan Education Foundation. This language is spoken by Muslims, Hindus and even Sikhs which reminded me about the past of our culture and glorious heritage it had left behind.

          I am ending my speech with a couplet of Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi which late Mahatma Gandhi used to recite in his speeches :

ما برای وصل کردن آمدیم

نی برای فصل کردن آمدیم


We are here to create bonds and ties and not to break them.

Thanking you.

After completing his speech Dr. Karim Najafi gifted some books to the personalities sitting on the dias.

Dr. Abdolhamid Ziaei, Director Iran Culture House and Mr. Moradi also attended the seminar.

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